Stacy Springs

Executive Director; Center for Biomedical Innovation @ MIT

Dr. Stacy Springs serves as Executive Director of MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation, which include the BioMANufacturing Consortium (BioMAN), and its Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing (CAACB). The objective of the BioMANufacturing Consortium is to develop new knowledge, science, technologies and strategies that advance the manufacture and global delivery of high-quality biopharmaceuticals. The CAACB pools biopharmaceutical manufacturing expertise in the area of adventitious agent contamination to better enable the safe and dependable delivery of life-saving biologics.

Dr. Springs also is Principle Investigator and Executive Director for the Food Supply Chain, Analytics and Sensing (FSAS) Initiative at the Sloan School of Management. This initiative is focused on using systematic risk management to address global issues related to food safety, supply chain optimization, food waste and access to healthy foods. Stacy is a co-investigator on a collaborative effort to bring forward new predictive risk analytics tools, testing technologies, and platforms to address core food safety challenges in China and the world. Stacy’s background, training, and experience are in inorganic and biophysical chemistry, biomanufacturing, food safety and regulatory science. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, gained postdoctoral training in protein and biophysical chemistry and has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and food safety work.