Applying intensification and continuous processing to streamline vaccines development

Delivering effective viral vaccines to the market on time is critical for preventing and controlling infectious diseases. Traditional manufacturing processes are highly complex, require extensive process development efforts, and tend to suffer from a lack of scalability to rapidly reach commercial scale capacity. Advances in integrated and automated manufacturing technologies result in cost-effective, scalable, and highly productive processes. Those technologies are considered as flexible by design as they can accommodate various expression systems, vaccine applications and capacity requirements, while streamlining the vaccine development process. Structured fixed-bed bioreactors can achieve high cell densities with superior specific cell productivities through homogeneous cell distribution and media flow. They sustain reproducible results from small to large scale in a reduced volume and simplify the time to scale-up. Additionally, the integration of upstream and midstream process units with a highly intensified fixed-bed bioreactor provides automated continuous processing, drastically reducing the complexity, footprint and CAPEX while meaningfully reducing the cost per dose. In this presentation, the speaker will focus on technology innovations leveraging process intensification and continuous processing to deliver capacity at low footprint, process flexibility and accelerated development and scale-up timelines.